Industrial Chemistry

Industrial Chemistry

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Industrial Chemistry

19 Jul 2020
Published in Kimia
Industrial Chemistry

Industrial Chemistry

Kimia Industri

Competencies possessed by industrial chemistry graduates include: Handling chemical laboratories, operating unit process equipment, managing processes in the chemical industry, sampling raw materials from products and handling chemical industry waste. 

Industrial chemistry is a branch of chemistry that applies chemical knowledge to the production of materials and special chemicals with little adverse impact on the environment.

Although laboratory chemical processes are traditionally adapted to industrial scale, they are carefully modeled according to their scale. Thus, phenomena such as mass or heat transfer, current models or control systems are grouped under the scope of chemical engineering.

For the prediction of the influence of the fluid and the heat flow model, as well as the momentum of transfer, evaluation of the effect can only be approached empirically, the scale of the experiment (pilot plant) is very used, to measure and select materials and equipment.


Published in Kimia

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Facilities and Learning

Productive learning is supported by the availability of the Chemical Engineering Laboratory Operations Workshop Chemical Analysis. Besides learning in the industry that has added value for students because students can directly see the application of knowledge learned at school. Another advantage of this expertise program is its strong competitiveness, because the number of graduates is still limited while the industrial development which requires a large workforce..

Teacher Team

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Field of Work

Continuing studies at the university majoring in chemical engineering, chemical education, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, fisheries, agriculture. Work in various industries in the fields of chemical analyst, quality control, industrial equipment operators, laboratory technicians..




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